Samatvam on Mindful Consumption

Human beings are insatiable when it comes to their needs. They are always running after one thing or the other. According to Buddha, “Craving is like a torch against the wind. the fire will burn you.” (Hanh 2020) Each of us has our own idea of happiness and more often than not, it is defined by materialistic things. The more we buy, the more we crave, and the more toxicity it brings into our lives.


Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is seeing an astounding growth over the past few years in terms of revenue as well as faster adoption rate. In fact, brands like Zara and H&M have seen double digit growths due to their adoption of the fast fashion phenomena.
However, the flip side to this highly adaptive fashion and its profits is the amount of environmental impact it brings to the table. For example, Zara alone churns out roughly 840 million garments every year for its 6,000 stores worldwide, which has an adverse impact on the rivers and land that it is produced on.


A Tale as Old as Time

Generation Z was claimed to be the golden generation by our ancestors, one living in the aspired utopia. Yet today, the trammels of gender inequality hold us back, being at odds with the utopian vision. Given the age-old intertwined relationship between femininity and Indian culture, it is crucial to tackle the issue at the grassroot level. In order to provide equal opportunities and a violence-free life for women, a brief description of the problem is pertinent.


The Indic Renaissance

India has been often pontified in public discourse with the diatribe of a developing nation, poverty-stricken economy, creed based on superstition, with its people stuck in a ruckus of socio-economic issues. Have these opinions (or “realities”) remained consistent throughout the course of history? Or are there those who have believed that India’s past was the touchstone of a nation-state?



बचपन में एक लड़की बेटी कहलाती है और पापा के कंधों पर अपनी मंजिल सजाती है , मां के साथ में खाना पकाती है और जिंदगी की सारे दस्तूर समझ जाती  हैl सच में बेटी बड़ी कमाल की कहलाती है… भाई के साथ लड़ते-लड़ते वह अपना पूरा प्यार दिखा जाती है , और जब भी […]


Diwali – Spreading the lights of happiness

IIM Bodh Gaya recently celebrated one of the largest festivals, Diwali. After a lengthy COVID break, the IIM Bodh Gaya students, faculty, staff, and all institution-affiliated members gathered together to celebrate this auspicious festival. Following the story of Rama and Sita, Diwali symbolises the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Students celebrated […]