Sustainable Waste Management and Circular Economy: India’s Path Towards Sustainability

Circular Economy (CE) emerged in the 1970s from reducing the consumption of inputs for industrial production, but it proved to be potentially applicable to any resource. CE proposes a change in the “extraction-production-disposal” paradigm of linear economy (LE) through the possibility of making human activity more resilient using the natural cycle model. CE is based on



What was it what was different? Was it the beginning or the end? Sirens struck as my mind went numb; Or was it silent and I just dumb?   Were we being wanton or indulgent? Or had we something from heaven sent? For when those stairs did I climb; I knew not of fall from […]


Elegante 2024

In the spirit of fusing and lighting, the soulful energies of IIM Bodh Gaya celebrated its seventh annual celebration, ELEGANTE 7.0. Throughout ELEGANTE 7.0, which took place from January 26th to 28th, 2024, various committees of the institution collaborated on several activities. Campus tours and competitions between colleges were part of the fest, which welcomed participants from a variety of educational institutions.